Olatunji pushes the envelope every chance he gets. Fearlessly, he allows his music to take the Caribbean to new musical plains. But this time he has gone off the Soca grid ….

Olatunji comes out swinging with his new hit “Bodyline”. This time he mixed Soca music with Bebop/ Swing music and all that 1940s Jazz.


Take a listen ….  


The soca music industry is aggressively competitive with a highly critical audience that determines a soca artiste’s success. Taking creative leaps like Olatunji is very risky. It’s either a hit or miss that is likely to be rewarded with a solid Trini tongue lashing that is not for the faint at heart, to say the least. However, every time Ola does it, he hits it for 6!


Examples of Olatunji’s creative risks

2015 Ola changed our lives with “Ola” on the Kan Kan Riddim. Giving us Afro soca – A single that reunited the Caribbean with West Africa which is evident with over 9 million views on YouTube, a Soca Monarch title and several worldwide viral dance videos.


    He went even further with “Oh Yay” with Static in 2016. Grooving his way to an easy 5 million+ views


And let’s not forget in 2014 “Whining Good” our Indo Trini girls were serenaded for 4minutes and 34 seconds. He highlighted the Indian influences that lay seamlessly in Soca music and EVERY Trini enjoyed it!


We all know that Soca is a mix of African and Indian cultures that gives an accurate representation of Trinidad and Tobago’s melting pot of cultures. It’s easy to say that Olatunji does it well and goes beyond.

His new music is a time capsule giving us a taste of the good ol’ times. Making us wonder what Carnival band Ella Fitzgerald would have played in if she heard this mix.

Well done Mr. Tunji Montana, we hope you continue to chart new soca paths.

*Share with us your soca review- Olatunji’. Is “Bodyline” is a hit or miss? Leave a comment below.


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